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Real Estate Lending And Financing

Even the best real estate deals typically require third-party funds, and that introduces another layer of complexity into an already complex agreement. Ideally, you will be working a lawyer who can help you bridge this gap between buyers, sellers and financial institutions in a way that meets the needs of all involved.

At Douglas A. Booth, we regularly assist our clients in this capacity, in both commercial real estate lending and residential real estate lending. Our role is to help structure the transactions between borrowers and lenders. This includes drafting documentation such as:

  • Promissory notes
  • Deeds of trust
  • Security agreements
  • Financing statements

When it comes to real estate deals (residential or commercial), Texas is the proverbial land of opportunity. There are plenty of lenders willing to work with buyers and sellers on projects of all sizes. Our firm is proud to help facilitate these deals in a legally sound and mutually beneficial manner.

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