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Buying or Selling an Existing Business

Douglas A. Booth has represented clients in the purchase and sale of closely-held businesses since 1993. During that time, Mr. Booth has helped clients purchase, sell and finance a variety of closely-held businesses, including the negotiation and preparation of purchase and sale agreements, and franchise agreements. With a deep understanding of the myriad issues involved in selling and purchasing a business, as well as the risks inherent in taking over a going concern, Mr. Booth has the skill, expertise, and experience to help you assess your risk, negotiate and draft a Purchase and Sale Agreement, conduct due diligence investigations, and draft the conveyance and financing documents necessary to close your deal quickly, efficiently and with minimal risk.

Areas Of Practice

  • Formation of business entities such as corporations, limited liability companies and limited partnerships
  • Preparation and review of both asset and entity purchase and sale agreements
  • Preparation and review of contracts and leases for real property
  • Conduct of due diligence investigations in conjunction with purchase transactions
  • Preparation and review of confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements
  • Preparation and review of notes, deeds of trust, security agreements and other financing documents
  • Preparation and review of employment agreements
  • Preparation and review of profit-sharing agreements

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